Portaria the sovereign of Pelion with beautiful stone made paths,the mansions,and the running waters! It is a
mountainous traditional village, built in altitude of 650 metres round monastery of Virgin Mary of Portareas (13th ai.), from where it has taken also his name. It combines  both mountain and sea and is one from the first tourist resorts of Greece. Try the local foods such as peppers with sausage,bean soup,boiled goat,cheese bread and olive bread.Do not omit to try the hand made spoon sweets,local wine and tsipouro,aromatic her bales,fresh fruits and types of traditional art.With starting line Filokalia nature lovers can walk the path of Centaurs,an amazing way between chestnuts and beeches,that reaches up to Chania. There is found one of the known ski centres of Greece of "Agrioleykes" that are suitable for experience,but also for new ski lovers. Visitors can enjoy the snow,by skiing,snowboarding,in its beautiful sides.For adventure lovers,Pilio gives you the possibility of taking part in various activities as skiing,riding,water sports,hiking and have a go with the small train of Pilio.Cultural events named are taking rlace in Potaria as:International Festival of Traditional Dance in the central square "Melinas Merkoyri". Pelion Marriage is a representation of traditional customs of  Pelion marriage in the end of August.In the Autumn is organised the car race of  Portaria.